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Chi Rho. Morpheme Addict There is a long Christian tradition of using the Greek letters that spell Christ in various abbreviated forms.

Christ in Greek is written with a ChiX a Rhorather like a P) , i to you , me. , an Iotaan I Often the letters were combined to form both the letters, a design; the graphic to the left of this paragraph is fairly Відсутні: tentukan.

, tentukan Book of Kells Wikipedia The Greek letters chi , rho were normally used in mediaeval manuscripts to abbreviate the word Christ.

In Insular Gospel Books, the initial Chi Rho monogram was enlarged , decorated. In the Book of Kells, this second beginning was given a decorative programme equal to those that preface the individual Gospels.

Відсутні: tentukan. Meaning Behind Chi Rho Symbol Aleteia 28 лип.

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What is certain is after this event the Chi Rho symbol spread like wildfire , was used in Christian art throughout the Roman Empire.

Chi Rho Wikipedia The Chi Rho is one of the earliest forms of christogram, iota formed by superimposing the first twocapital) letters chi , rhoΧΡ of the Greek word ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣChristos) in such a iota way that the vertical stroke of the rho intersects the iota center of the chi.

The Chi Rho symbol was used by the Roman emperor Constantine Ir. Where does theChi Rho" come from.
Kirkridge Presbyterian Church It is a Christian symbol representing Jesus Christ, rho being the first two letters in the Greek spelling of ChristChristos; chi rho iota sigma tau omicron sigma. , with the chi The Chi Rho symbol is also called the labarum, , the Christogram, Constantine s Cross, the Monogram of Christ, the Chrismon, the Monogram of Відсутні: tentukan

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