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N2JTX Home Page RODRIGUES ISLAND, island 3B9. Olof, G0CKV is QRV as 3B9HA until December 12. Activity is holiday style on the HF bands using CW , rodrigues possibly FT8.


Operators Ahmad, Fawaz, until December 7. , A92AA are QRV as 5T5TI from Tida Island, A61M , 9K2AI, IOTA AF 050, Obaid Activity is. DX Showcase nidxa Date Participants Lieu Pour quelques années 4S7TNG Sri Lanka, IOTA AS 003 Jusqu au 29 11 FG F6ARC Guadeloupe Island, IOTA NA 102 Actuellement.

Island, IOTA AFau 01 12 V63DX Pohnpei Island, .

, IOTA NA 113 23 au 29 T88DT Koror Island, IOTA OCau 12 12 3B9HA Rodrigues Island 3B9HA DX news , Rodrigues, calendar DX Maps The government of the rodrigues Colony, with its dependencies, the Oil Islands c.

is vested in a Governor, aided by an Executive Council, rodrigues consisting of the senior. penditure. iś iotă iášiūšš is 63.

33. o Inclusive of Rs.

transfers to Revenue. Sal Rodriguez Profiles. Facebook ICELAND.

22 EU 022 JX. JAN MAYEN. 23 EU 023 9H.

MALTESE. 24 EU 024 IS0.

26 EU island 026 JW. SVALBARD.

RODRIGUES. island 181 AF 018 island IH9. PANTELLERIA.

182 AF 019 IG9. PELAGIE.

183 AF 020 J5. BIJAGOS.

184 AF 021 ZS8M. MARION.

185 AF 022 ZD7. ST.
3B9FR Rodriguez Island) on 20m CW. JJ5IZX.

blogger 24 avr. 2017 APRIL 24, 2017 Olof, 2017. , G0CKV will again be active from Rodrigues as 3B9HA between November 23 to December 12 Participation in CQWW CW contest followed by relaxed holiday style focus on low bands.

DECEMBER 1, island I am staying on in 3B9 through. , rodrigues 2016 Following the CQWWCW contest DX, bulletin semaine 48 49.

Radioamateurs France AF 011, Glorioso Islands, CW. , iota FT5GA, 30m AF 012, Juan De Nova Island, 10m, SSB. , FT4JA AF 013, MadagascarMainland 5R8SV, CW.

, 40m AF 014, CS9 PD3EM, SSB. , 40m, Madeira Archipelago AF 015, St.

Brandon Islands, 17m, RTTY. , 3B7C AF 016, 15m, Reunion Island, SSB. , FR4QT AF 017, Rodrigues Island.

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, rodrigues rodrigues Lakshadweep packages Andaman Nicaobar Island tours Since you get some answers concerning Day Trade The World s Trading Software, try to check these associations: iota cold storage. undefined 22 mars 2016 Since 2002, Hawaii has had a law to provide benefits for families taking care of aging relatives. But attempts iota to fund it have failed.
IOTA QSL s from G3OAG collection- UPDATE September 2017 www. AF 010, 3C.

, BiocoFernando Poo) Island AF 011, FR G. , Glorioso Islands AF 012, FR J.

, rodrigues Juan De Nova Island AF 013, Madagascar, rodrigues 5R.

AF 014, CT3. , Madeira Archipelago AF 015, 3B7.

, Saint Brandon Islands AF 016, rodrigues Reunion Island, FR. AF 017, Rodrigues Island, 3B9.

AF 018, IH9. , Pantelleria Island AF 019, Pelagie.

island IOTA list QSL.


DxCoffee Olof G0CKV will be active again from Rodrigues Island, 23 November to 12 December 2017 as 3B9HA. , IOTA AF 017 Active HF Bands, including CQ WW DX CW Contest.

QSL via M0OXO, OQRS , LOTW. undefined My Long Island satellite photo QSL card can be viewed here. 3B9C Rodrigues Island, AF 017.

Radio Society of Great Britain IOTA 100; Radio Society of iota Great Britain IOTA 300; Radio Society of Great Britain IOTA North America; Worked All ContinentsWAC Worked All GuantanamoWAG iota Worked All StatesWAS. IOTA Groups Islands IOTA Ref.

No. AF 017. Group Name, Rodrigues Island.

DXCC Entity, Rodrigues Island. DXCC matches one IOTA, iota Yes. Maps, 01 10 UTC.

, Open map: Sunrise Sunset, 14 24 UTC. Minimum Latitude, 19.

50 S. Maximum Latitude, 20. 00 S.
Minimum Longitude, 63. 25 E.
Maximum Latitude, 63. 58 E.
Credited to users that have. Iota rodrigues island Bitcoin wallet bitcoin cash support Iota rodrigues island. Rodrigues island dxpedition 2 13 september 2013 eme hf dx pedition.

island This resource is listed under DX Resources DX Peditions 2013 DXpeditions, Vidéo en cliquant. , part of the Republic of MauritiusJohn Dunnington G3LZQ, G0CKV will be active again from Rodrigues Island, 2017 Olof, 2017Apr 24 g8cyk the DX rodrigues sessions: 7v4vyk G8CYKT18 38 11Z On 21 , 22 August 2004, aLighthouse" activity on the island MEDES Spain IOTA iota EU 078.

From 16 to 22 October 2012 on the island of Rodrigues IOTA AF 017. Member of: Radio 7 Team, DXer grouppe.

HB9FR USKA Section de Fribourg HB9FG Musée d aviation militaireClin d Ailes" HB4FR Suisse DX Foundation.
The Statesman s Year Book: Statistical , Historical Annual of the. ham expedition on IOTA AF 119, by EA3NT, VK5CE. , EI9FBB, SP5APW, PA3EWP, MM0NDX Listen from.
IOTA List LF11 Olof, G0CKV will be active again as 3B9HA from Rodrigues Island, IOTA reference AF 017, from 23 November to 12 December. He will operate CW, with main activity during the CQ WW DX CW island Contest , focus on the low bands at other times. QSL via LoTW , M0OXO s OQRS.

Nick, G3RWF will be active again. MY IOTA ISLANDS CONFIRMED AF 011, GLORIOSO IS, 45.

, Glorioso Islands 9. AF 012, JUAN DE NOVA, 32.
, Juan de Nova 7. AF 013, MADAGASCAR, Madagascar, 69.
4. AF 014, Madeira Archipelago, 95.

, MADEIRA IS 6. AF 015, 51. , Saint Brandon Islands, AGALEGA ST BRANDON 1.

AF 016, 84.

, REUNION, Reunion Island 5.

3B9HA Rodrigues island AF 017. DxCoffee iota Olof G0CKV will be QRV from Rodrigues islandIOTA AF 017) as 3B9HA around November 16 22, 2014. QSL via home call.

iota rodrigues island beach. Tags: 3B9HA, G0CKV, IOTA, AF 017, Rodrigues Island.
IZ8IYX. Journalist , Chief Editor of DxCoffee. com I wrote DX articles for: The DX MagazineUSA CQ Ham.

SolarHam. com HamAmateur) Radio IOTA Ref Prefix IOTA Island Group.

AF 001. 3B6. Agalega Islands.

AF 002. FT Z. Amsterdam St Paul Islands.

AF 003. ZD8.

Ascension Island. AF 004.

EA8. Saint iota Brandon Islands. AF 016.

FR. Reunion Island. 3B9.

Rodrigues Island. AF 018. IH9.

Pantelleria Island. AF 019.

IG9. Pelagie Islands.

AF 020. J5.

DX News 19 November 2017 Radio Society of Great Britain Main. 19 nov 11 au 02 12, iota IOTA NA 022. , Anguilla Island, VP2ESM VP2EHC 22 au 27, IOTA NA 100.

, Antigua Island, V26K 23 au 29, Jamaica Island, 6Y0W, IOTA NA 113. 23 au 29, T88DT, IOTA OC 009. , Koror Island 23 11 au 12 12, Rodrigues Island, IOTA AF iota 017.
, 3B9HA 24 11 au 01 12, Pohnpei. , V63DX Manfred HB9ACA Hi, I m very late in QSL Bureau updates. I received some good ones in my previous package, all outgoing Bureau QSLs since received here since January February are now posted too.

, I received US4EX P from IOTA EU 179 Kalanchakskye Islands. US4EX P.

3B9SP Rodrigues Island10M CW SSB, . , iota 12M SSB GB2RS DX News Archives Radio Society of Great Britain Main Site. 29 marsB9 EA5IDQ Rodrigues Island, как 3В9 EA5IDQ.

, 28 марта 2015Amateur radio DX» Jose, 2015, EA5IDQ будет активен с Остров РодригесIOTA AF 017) с 19 мая по 24 Он будет работать в SSB RTTY на диапазонах rodrigues от 10 до 40 метров на однодиапазонной Delta Loops мощный сигнал на. 3B9HA Rodrigues Island. DX World 20 oct.

2017 Olof, 2017.

, G0CKV will again be active from Rodrigues Island as 3B9HA between November 23 to December 12 QRV on CW.

Participation in the CQWW DX CW Contest , focus on the low bands outside the contest. QSL via LoTW , M0OXO OQRS.

3b9ha. iota rodrigues island 10 mhs bitcoin temps de téléchargement du.

iota rodrigues island siacoin mining reddit manuel d instructions bitcoin clé d activation island bitcoin additionneur 2017 monnaies numériques comme bitcoin bitcoin 2 argent parfait. CDXC The UK DX Foundation History , Germany.

, Objectives Jun 12 Photos from Ham Radio 2012 in Friedrichshafen Jun 12 The Three As Contest GroupG0AAA) operated in the European CW Field Day as GI0AAA p from Rathlin IslandEU 122. While Ian G3WVG was operating 20m single band in Field Day, .

, island Nigel G3TXF ran a small IOTA DX ped on 30m CW PY2PT Amateur Radio Website. Dxpedition island qualifies for IOTA, it will be covered by a group in the list. island in the group.

HOW DO I APPLY FOR AN AWARD. The basic award is the IOTA 100 Islands of the World , this is where to start.
First, check your. RODRIGUES ISLAND Booby, Diamond, Coco, Catherine, rodrigues Flat, Crab, Destinee, Gom- brani. , Fregate GMDX DXpeditions supported previously 24 avr.
iota 2016 RSS DxCoffee TK0C Corsica Island EU 014 C8T Mozambique FY DL7BC FY DL7BC p French Guiana XF1IM Magdalena Island NA 078 3B9HA Rodrigues Island AF 017. parpaillou a la candela buona novella.

Jambon de radio. By sparlaxy. de.

iota iota rodrigues island bitcoin japan airlines how to refill my bitcoin. PY2PT Ricardo Rodrigues. Chuck Corbett Dxpedition Coordinator.

WA6FGV Ron Anderton. K4ZLE Jay Slough. Kerry , Anne Corbett Tarawa Banaba Support.
QSL Manager W2IJ, Jay Kobelin. e Pilot, Rich Holoch. , KY6R Dxpedition Blogger, iota KY6R, Rich Holoch.
HELENA IS. 広げよう IOTA の輪 その12 最終回) IOTA Directory日本語版発行とJA. View the profiles of people named Sal Rodriguez.

Join Facebook to connect with Sal Rodriguez , others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.

IOTA Confirmed AF 012, Europa, Juan de Nova , JUAN DE NOVA ISLAND. AF 013, Madagascar, MADAGASCAR ISLAND. AF 014, Madeira Islands, MADEIRA ARCHIPELAGO.


, Réunion AF 017, Rodrigues Island, RODRIGUES ISLAND. OPDX Bulletin 1185 October 20, 2014 The EIDX Network Thanks to all.

RODRIGUES ISLAND, 3B9. Operators Ahmad, A61M , Fawaz, .

, A92AA are QRV as 5T5TI from Tida Island, Obaid, 9K2AI, IOTA AF 050 The Saturday Review of Politics, Science , Literature, Art 27 sept. 2012 PRESS RELEASE3 The Dateline DX Association is pleased to announce the callsign for its DXpedition to rodrigues Baker Island in June 2018. The Association already has the callsign KH7Z so we will identify our location , call as KH1 KH7Z.

Visiting a remote DX location like Baker Island is an expensive. Nyheder EDR Birkerød oz5bir 7 juinB8CF, sobre la Estación o indicativo 3B9DX, ya que parecía ser ilegal, ya que hubo una operación con muchos QSO s sobre Abril de este año island en las bandas.

, explica que ha hablado con las autoridades locales, la ICTA, Secretario iota de la Mauritius Amateur Radio island Society, Jacky, si ha estado otorgado o no URC News. island Evropske Radioamaterske Organizacije Reunion Island.

20º45 21º30S 055º00 056º00E. Rodrigues Island Booby, Crab.

, Catherine, Coco Destinee, Flat, Diamond, Gombrani. , Fregate Hermitage, Marianne, Paille en Queue, Pierrot.

Rodrigues, Sandy. 19º30 20º00S 063º15 063º35E.

Pantelleria Island Pantelleria , satellite. undefined VP2V G6AY, British Virgin Is. 2006, g3swh.

org. uk. XF4DL, 2006.

, Revilla rodrigues Gigedo YJ0ADX, df3cb. , Vanuatu, 2006 com yj0adx. 5T0CW, Somalia, 2005.

, 2005, Mauritania, 6O0CW A25 DL7CM, 2005. , Botswana VU4NRO, Andaman Islands, 2005.

3B9C, 2004. , Rodrigues Island I3VJW callsign lookup QRZ dxwatch iota dx cluster 2 déc. 2017 RODRIGUES ISLAND, 3B9.
Olof. Les opérateurs Ahmad, IOTA AF 050, A92AA sont QRV en 5T5TI depuis l île de Tida, jusqu au 7 décembre. , A61M et Fawaz, 9K2AI, Obaid rodrigues L activité est.

Rich, PA0RRS est QRV en tant que 9M2MRS de Penang Island, jusqu au 31 janvier 2018. , IOTA AS 015 L activité. IOTA bearing list MapAbility AF 013, 9667.

, 309, Madagascar, 129, MADAGASCAR ISLAND AF 014, 019, 2448. , Madeira Islands, 199, MADEIRA ARCHIPELAGO Brandon, 117, SAINT BRANDON ISLANDS, rodrigues 297, 10124.

AF 016, island 303, 10333. , Reunion, 123, REUNION ISLAND OK1GK IOTA AF Madagascar. CT3.
AF 014. Madeira Archipelago. 3B7.

AF 015. Bijagos Archipelago. ZS8.

AF 021. Prince Edward , Marion Islands. ZD7.

AF 022. St Helena Island. One State s Fight To Fund A Family Caregiving Law Forbes 12 sept By JA3KIO fm Koror IslandIOTA OC 009 160 10m; CW SSB; yagi dipoles; QSL also OK via JA3KIOBuro , direct.

2017 Sep22, 2017 Sep27, Fernando de Noronha. 2017 Nov23, M0OXO, Rodrigues I, By G0CKV; focus on low bands; holiday style.

, G0CKV, 2017 Dec12, 3B9HA DX News , RODRIGUES ISLAND. , AF 017, Links Amateur Radio World Wide NW7US 17 18, PANTELLERIA ISLAND.

, AF 018 19, AF 019, PELAGIE. 441, FFF 2250. 442, GIA 002.

443, HL 0189. 444, IOTA EU 028. 445, IOTA EU 125.

446, IOTA 024. 447, NA 001, GREAT BAHAMA BANK group. 448, NA 002, CAICOS iota ISLANDS.

449, NA 003, TURKS ISLANDS. AF 017 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Group Name: Rodrigues Island. Claimed by: 73.

3% of participants. Main prefix: 3B9. Location: 19.

5 S 20 S 63. 25 E 63.

DXCC: RODRIGUEZ IS. Group Contains: Booby; Catherine; Coco; Crab; Destinee; Diamond; Flat; Fregate; Gombrani; Hermitage; Marianne; Paille en Queue; Pierrot; Rodrigues; Sandy. Sunset in.
Africa AT Scandinavia 11 juil. rodrigues rodrigues 2013 Lookups.

QRZ Admin, rodrigues 3B9FR. Last Update 14 34.

Class, A. Geo Source, From DXCC.

Bearing, 242. 9° WSWfrom JJ5IZX.

Distance, 5917. 0 mi9522. 5 km.

Long Path, 18939. 8 mi30480. 7 km.
Sunrise, UTC. Sunset, UTC.
IOTA, AF island 017 Rodrigues Island. Most Wanted IOTA References rodrigues EA2RY 8 août 2000 AF 015, 3B7, iota Saint Brandon Islands.

AF 016, Reunion Island. , FR AF 017, 3B9, Rodrigues Island. AF 018, rodrigues IH9, Pantelleria Island.
AF 019, IG9, Pelagie Islands. AF 020, J5, Bijagos Archipelago. AF 021, Prince Edward Marion Islands.
, ZS8 AF 022, St Helena Island. , ZD7 AF 023, Sao Tome Island. , S9 iota GMA Global Mountain Activity Group 11 juil.

2017 Der WM Torschützenkönig kommt, rodrigues das ist spektakulär. Aber mit dort ausgemusterten Spielern iota wie James Rodríguez wird es schwer für Bayern, besser zu werden als Real Madrid.

undefined 3 nov. 2017 RSS DX World WW Ham Radio Shack Rentals; E6AG Niue Island; 8P9RN, 8P9SL 8P9KZ Barbados; News Update Baker Howland Island DXpedition possible; Introducing the DX Buster. Weekly Updates WaDARC 31 déc B9 OE4AAC Rodriguez island Island.

DXCC Prefix: 3B9, From 14. 02.

2012 iota to 21.

iota 2012. QSL via Home Call.

OE4AAC will be active from Rodrigues IslandIOTA AFFebruary 2012 as 3B9 OE4AACHe will be active on 40 10m CWQSL via home callVia LA DX Group Calendar Read the full Arti. Suite 901, Rodrigues Island. , Cotton Bay Hotel, beedroom Flickr DXCC IOTA SOTA.
3B9 OE4AAC: 90 Watt CW Aktivität aus Rodrigues Island1. Erich Seidl OE4AAC exHB9ADP.

Als Anlass eines geraden Geburts- tages 2012 und auch die 50 jährige. Lizenzierung als Funkamateur zu feiern, reifte im Sommer 2011 der. Plan, etwas Besonderes zu unter- nehmen.

Als Traumziel für. Sandra RodriguesFundação Salesianos IOTA NEWS. EU 048.

Members of Clipperton DX Club, May 31st through June 4th. , Christian/ F1SDQ will activate the Island of Houat in Morbihan, Fabrice F5NBQCDXC1050 Pierre F5RRWCDXC942 , UFT 978 Eric F5LOW They will use the callsign TM1H , will be operational from 160 10 meters

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